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Stake Your eTHENA Vault IchiLP tokens here on eTHENA's Layer-2 Protocol to start Earning ETHENA Rewards!

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Single-sided Deposit of eTHENA will get you eTHENA Vault IchiLP tokens from L1 (Thena.fi) Dapp!

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eTHENA Price: $Unknown (Unknown THE)eTHENA Minting Ratio (veTHE): 1.UnknownMarket Cap: $UnknownTotal Supply: 200,000+veTHE Controlled: 228,228+Collateralization: Unknown%eTHENA/WBNB Liquidity: $UnknowneTHENA-Staking (Earn BNB) APR: Unknown%eTHENA/WBNB-Farming (Earn THE) APR: Unknown%
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